Maguire Health
Insurance Services

Family owned and operated since 1993.


“I have been doing business with Arlene for over 20 years. Her integrity is impeccable. Her persistence and follow up extraordinary; her genuine caring is always felt; whenever I need Arlene she is there ready and willing to be of service. If there was only one person to recommend, Arlene is the one.”
—Richard Alan

“We have been using this company for several years and have always found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable in all aspects. We highly recommend them.We specialize in cleaning and repairs of blinds (vinyl, aluminum, cloth, wood, etc...) and shutters. We stock parts for all brands and all kinds of window coverings.”
—Blind Speed / Sparkle Blinds

“I’ve worked with many insurance agents, but Arlene stands out from the rest. I will recommend her service to everyone I know. It is always a pleasure working with her.”
—Mindy, Morena Smog Pros

“My name is Tony Luu and I manage Golden Towing in San Diego. I have had health insurance through Maguire Health Insurance since 2007. Arlene's services have been excellent. She always keeps her word and gets back to me when she says she will with answers. I would like to recommend that anybody needing health insurance should contact Arlene Maguire anytime. You'll be more than satisfied! Thank you, Arlene, times a thousand!”
—Tony Luu, Manager, Golden Towing

“In a do-it-yourself, automated world, Arlene Maguire brings back the personal service and attention that is becoming increasingly rare and so very appreciated. Knowledgeable, patient, and attentive, Mrs. Maguire makes the puzzle of health insurance un-intimidating and understandable. I have come to feel Maguire Health Insurance Services is my health partner. And it has been my good fortune to be under their umbrella for many years.”
—Kendra E., Kendra Designs

“For years I did my best to determine the best insurance plan for myself and my family. The choices were overwhelming and invariably, I overlooked an important detail that came back to haunt me. Then I discovered Maguire Health Insurance. I particularly like that they are not affiliated with one plan but serve as broker for many. Arlene quickly found several plans that fit my family’s needs and explained our options thoroughly. I recently received a medical bill that seemed high. I was about to pay it, when Arlene offered to look into it. She saved me a whopping $600. She knows who to call and how to get through. I don’t have the arduous task of calling...and calling...and calling. Having an agent saves me time, money, and a ton of frustration. Plus, Arlene is not some anonymous representative who places the company above the client, but a warm, caring person who is committed to getting me the best service possible.”
—Joanne B.

“I am a Writer/Producer/Director in the Film Industry and have an extremely busy schedule. I don’t have time to deal with extra problems that may arise. That’s why I work with Maguire Health Insurance Services. My agent, Arlene Maguire, goes the extra mile to make sure one receives the right coverage and then, if necessary, will troubleshoot any difficulties that may come up in the future. One time a company was not going to pay a $300.00 charge that should have been covered. Arlene got on the phone and resolved the problem in minutes. I appreciate the friendly, efficient service I receive with every contact.”
—Dr. Jan R. S., Reel Magic Entertainment, LLC

“Maguire Health Insurance is always available when we need assistance. If there is a problem with billing, they take the time to research, audit, and correct the problem. The staff is always courteous, friendly and prompt in service.”
—Eileen L., Bogart Corporation

“I love working with Maguire Health Insurance for so many reasons. My broker is available after normal business hours should I have any questions or problems that need immediate attention. It is easy to get right through without being put on hold or transferred. Arlene always gets back to me with an answer and takes care of the problem immediately. I can always count on her to follow through and get back to me when she says that she will. Having an agent is so much of a timesaver for me.”
—Judy S., That Special Touch

“I don’t know what my husband and I would have done without Arlene Maguire. I know that if I need any information at all regarding our insurance, Arlene is there for me. Very seldom do I get a recording to leave a message. We thank her for everything she has done for both of us. She certainly knows her job.”
—Bev and Chris T., Christopher R. Turner Chiropractic

“Maguire Insurance Services is one of my favorite companies. With so much to do and so much to be concerned about these days, being able to call Arlene Maguire almost any time and get the help and answers I need is such a relief and so unusual. We all need insurance. Arlene really takes the time and care to find just what is right for each individual. It is so wonderful to hear her familiar, cheerful voice answer the phone and not have to go through many menus - and wait on hold - only to get some stranger who doesn’t understand my question. If every company was like Maguire Insurance Services life would be a lot better for everyone. Arlene has really helped me find the best possible health insurance policy. I highly recommend anyone looking for any personal or group insurance to use Maguire Insurance Services.”
—Linda M., BookWise

“I have been working with Maguire Health Insurance Services for 7+ years—that right there should tell you how much I value their services! I have always received excellent phone service for all my questions, help with paperwork and plan rates… All this without being put on hold or passed on to other people or offices. I highly recommend Maguire Services!”
—Marlene B., The Business Cleaning Company

“I have been doing business with Arlene for several years. Arlene and Shari are the best, they are always there to answer my questions and get any information that I need in a timely manner. Arlene has always worked very hard for us to get the type of insurance that suits our company needs. Thanks to Arlene and her staff, I'm freed up to do other things, because I don't have to worry about our company's medical insurance. Thanks for a job well done!”
—Sharron A., Wholesale Tube & Tire, Inc. dba Great Western Tire